Use the toilet bowl for it`s intended purpose!

How do households affect wastewater?

How can a daily household affect the quality of wastewater? What substances should definitely not be thrown into the sewer? What mistakes do we make?

The article “How do households affect wastewater?” in the magazine Eesti Loodus discusses simple, important, and often ignored truths about how each of us can avoid blockages, save pipes, and above all, contribute to a cleaner environment. Priit Kappak, Head of Environment and Sustainability at AS Tallinna Vesi highlights the main mistakes made in households and advises on how to manage your home water systems smarter.

An extract from the article: “In addition to things that have accidentally fallen into the toilet bowl, such as phones, jewelry, keys, toys, etc., it is often considered to throw there the hygiene items, food waste, cigarette butts, etc., as well as clothes items and medical supplies such as masks, syringes and medicine packaging. Sometimes there are things in the sewers that raise the question of how they’ve gotten there in the first place.”For more information read the main article in Eesti Loodus.

For more information read the main article in Eesti Loodus.
Photo: Naja Bertold Jensen, Unsplash